What in the World? Stinkiest Fruit EVAH!

Truly one of the most foul-smelling fruits in the world, this one looks like Mother Nature tried to warn us to keep away. I mean, big huge warning signs of giant spikes and the stench of rotting onions combined with dead fish and a port-o-potty! Come on. Do you really want to taste this mess?

Well, apparently, many folks from Australia and China find it a delicacy. [Okay. Stop. Why is it that Australia always has the wild and weird stuff? And the Aussies always seem to enjoy it! Note to self to visit Australia.]

Banned in Boston Singapore

Not only that, but it’s actually PROHIBITED in most of the public areas in Indonesia where it is grown AND it’s really banned in Singapore. It’s that offensive. Have you heard of it? Guessed it?

This fruit doesn’t grow in North America so if you want to attempt a taste of it, you’ll not only pay over $20 and up to $200 for one , but you’ll have to spend half your gas allowance searching the Asian markets for it or pay for long, long distance transportation in order to taste this exotic little babe.


Got it figured out? Want a recipe? I didn’t think so.

[box type=”info”] Here are a few of the adjectives used to describe it. *UNGODLY STRONG * STINKY FRUITY *PUNGENT * DISGUSTING * PUTRID *DELICATE, LIKE OVER-AGED ONIONS*[/box]


The Poky Fruit

I must admit I did a half-hearted attempt to find one anywhere near Atlanta or Orlando and was relieved that my pitiful efforts yielded none to try. Therefore, I have never tasted a Durian, but would do so if one was proferred. *gasp!*

Durian’s growing season is just a few months in the Springtime in Indonesia, Thailand, Austrailia and a few other tropical zones. If you live near Chinatown in San Francisco or L.A., you might be in luck [or crazy] if you want to look for one from March to May. In fairness, I am told you should eat them within one day after they have fallen from the tree. Chemical changes quickly make them less than delectable.

If you do happen across one, you’ll find a durian fruit to be a small football size with hard spikes on the outside and a few gooey, pulpy masses of fruit inside. A hard pit is inside these masses. The sulphuric compounds ripening the fruit will make your eyes water and sting, much like onions can.

As with so many of these so-called delicacies, SOMEBODY OUT THERE LOVES ‘EM! There are recipes on the net for durian cake, but even the cooks that put them out there say they are disgusting, so I’m not going to include one. Just good stuff here. (Weird sometimes, but all good.)

Check out the video below on YouTube. Note: the taste apparently inspires profanity.

Have you ever tried one? Would you? Could you?


4 thoughts on “What in the World? Stinkiest Fruit EVAH!

  1. “Note to self to visit Australia” LOL…I’m intrigued that it takes Matt Lee so long to make up his mind about the taste, all the while eating chunks of the Durian! It takes him tooo long, though, so I’ll pass. You would think that a fruit would smell better, and be easier to open, since that’s how the plant passes on its progeny. VERY interesting and entertaining introduction to this thing, Val, thanks!!

    1. Haha! Yeah, that is a weird one, huh? I still want to try a durian. There must be enough people that like it to sustain its growth. So glad you are enjoying my What-in-the-World series and taking the time to comment.

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