What in the World? Fruit from Outer Space

What in the World?!

Today’s “What in the World?!” post is a really odd item, indeed. Do you recognize it? Looks like something from Outer Space, eh?


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Hint: It’s edible, about 5 to 7 inches long, purchasable in the U.S. and tastes like kiwifruit to me… that is, like strawberries. It has dozens of teensy black seeds embedded inside its white, pink or red fleshy interior. The white version is the sweetest and is the version most often found in the States.

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It’s also known as Pitaya. I can’t find it in commercial mainstream stores, but several of the specialty and international food stores in Atlanta (Whole Foods, DeKalb Farmers’ Market) carry them. They feel like a pear to the touch, but in bright bubblegum pink! For all the trouble they are to find and peel, I didn’t think there was much to them. Several varieties are more tart than those imported to the U.S. Rather expensive for the daily fruit intake, but a nice novelty.

Dragonfruit grow naturally in Central and South American, Okinawa, Hawaii, Israel, Palestine, northern Australia, southern China and Cyprus; they are a warm climate plant. Their large white fragrant flowers bloom only at night. Most varieties are high in vitamin C as well as being low in saturated fat, mostly carbohydrates while rich in fiber and minerals – particularly phosphorus and calcium.

Have you ever tried it? Please tell me about your experience with Dragonfruit!


Postscript on Pitaya

Dragon fruit is truly tasty stuff. Reminds me of a cross between strawberry and watermelon, a bit of a pain to peel though. Some are juicy and some are bright pink on the inside.

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