A Month of Veggie Love


It’s finally here! February means A Month of Veggie Love!

The freezing rain, tornadoes down the street and all manner of obstacles at the homestead this week haven’t dampened my anticipation for February in the least. It’s time for me to combine my two favorite loves — Valentine’s MONTH and Veggies! How? With A Month of Veggie Love!

Thanks to Amanda Socci, the Creative Idea Gal, for pushing me to start a campaign about veggies. Well, I ran with that idea and here it is! It’s a month of guest posts, stories about veggies, silliness, learning, really cute t-shirts for women, lots of recipes and free books as prizes to a few lucky random commentors.

Details here.


Check out the ever-so-precious, heart-full-of-veggies shirt designs via Zazzle. Cute. Cute. CUTE!


Proceeds benefit The Atlanta Food Bank. So do take a look, please. (Order several and get free shipping.) Give them to your BFF for Valentine’s Day! 100% cotton.



Guest posts so far

Meet Kale, My Mid-Life Love Affair by Beth Hermes

Un-boring Potatoes (and Pomegranate Aioli Recipe) by Amanda Socci

For the Love of Garlic by Renea Winchester

Love in the Time of Cauliflower by Linda G. Hatton


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