About Going Veggie (and Me)

Hi! I’m Val Hudgins, a.k.a. Veggie Val, and I started this site to offer fun and informative ways for people to enjoy more fruits, veggies and whole grains in their life!

I’ve met hundreds of folks who WANT to eat more healthfully, know that they SHOULD, but have no idea where to start or how to work it into their budget or schedule or how to digest all the info that’s out there – true or not. Here’s help! Awareness is the first step.

If you are one of these “Veggie Curious” folks, poke around the site and see if something doesn’t strike you as possible. Open your mind and stretch it a bit. It’s good for you! And by the way, almost every vegetarian has once uttered the words “Oh, I could never go without <insert animal product here>!” Anything is possible, but you have to choose to open your mind to it first. Here are some suggestions.

Listen to the podcasts – a collection of 30-minute audio programs offering light-hearted, non-judgmental learning about nutrition, sustainable practices, green goodness, recipes and more! You’ll hear great interviews with authors, green restaurant owners, doctors, nutritionists and even neighbors who come by to cook with me! Download the podcasts (audio) to your mp3 player or listen at your computer now.

Browse the Blog where Veggie Val raves and occasionally rants — all for your food knowledge education.

First Steps is always a good place to start when you’re ready.

Check out a fun little widget called Vitamin Wheel or theVeggie Events around the world. Don’t forget the Recipes!

The Marketplace includes must-have cookbooks for your new healthy eating adventure, cooking helps and even some audio books we love.

Veggie Val bio

My mission is to help wake up America to the benefits of plant-based conscious consuming – without (much) preaching. And you won’t find graphic animal cruelty videos on this site; that doesn’t make them any less real, but you can find them elsewhere on the net. I’m all about the food, fun and facts… with a Southern accent, y’all!

Peace, Love and Veggies,

~Veggie Val




Val (at) GoingVeggie (dot) com