Bookshelf Haiku and more

Bookshelf Haiku

I’m not sure where I first hear of this. You place books you own in some order so that the titles make a wee bit of sense AND in haiku format. Then, you photograph it. It’s tougher than it looks! Maybe it describes my life story lately.

Firstlight, green for life.

Rawlicious! Will write for food.

True success, dreamwork.


Firstlight by Sue Monk Kidd

Green For Life by Valerie Botchenko

Rawlicious by Peter and Beryn Daniel

Will Write For Food by Dianne Jacob

True Success by Tom Morris

Dreamwork by Scarlett Ross

TRY IT! YOU’LL LIKE IT! HEY, MIKEY! Let me know what your bookshelf haiku is like. Hint: If you try this, order your eligible book titles by syllables so that you can make the 5/7/5 stresses work. It’s true that a haiku is much more than this, but this will help get you started.

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